I went for a run on the backroads in this incredible weather, and I got to visit with this little girl.
Just passed the state line back into sweet home Alabama. So happy I got to see this beautiful snow before it melted. ❄️
When I’m going through any tough time, I’m so thankful to know I have a friend like @tayyylorann to always keep my spirits up and encourage me. With her thoughtful cards, uplifting notes in them, and all the Gossip Girl references, it’s no doubt that we’re best friends. Thank you so much, T!
I have some of the best childhood memories from these albums. The women of 90’s country are perfect.


This is @tayyylorann laughing so hard from watching Duck Dynasty. My family has ruined her.
Alabama sky.
Alabama skies.

🔫🔫🔫 (at The Watson’s)

at The Watson’s

Target practice! I shot a gun for the first time in my life, and I hit the orange part 2/3 times and once right on the black dot. Not bad for my first try.  (at The Watson’s)
Back when I pretended to be a cat. #tbt
New Years Kisses. 💕